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You are your greatest asset; you earn an income and your income provides you with the ability to afford the lifestyle you need. In many cases there is a reliance on more than one income to meet living and lifestyle expenses, so what would it look like to you if this was taken away? 

Insurance can cover you, your family, your income, your lifestyle and even your business operations. Creating an insurance strategy as part of your financial plan can make sure you protect both now and into the future. 

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Income Insurance

Your greatest asset is you and the income you derive is so important to your lifestyle and your family, insuring your income is not only smart, it’s essential

How long will it cover my income for? We can apply for cover up to age 70 for many occupations, well up to your retirement.

How quickly can I get paid if I need it? We can apply for a 14-day waiting period so you are paid quickly. Protecting you is so important, your income pays for your life, so protect it today.

Life Insurance

Life Cover insurance provides a lump sum payment in the event of your client's death.

Does it cover for terminal illness? Included in most policies is the ability to get a partial or full a lump sum payment if you are diagnosed with a Terminal Illness as defined in the policy.

Can I change my cover amount? As part of your review, we will discuss your sums insured and ensure they are right for you. You can leave a burden on your family or a legacy for them to enjoy and remember you by.

Disability Insurance

Helps protect your financial security if you suffer total and permanent disability.

Can I pay for this through my Super? Yes, you can, and it will attract a discount for doing so.

Is the lump sum a set amount? No, it is up to you how much cover you need, we will work with you to come to your individual solution.

Total and Permanent Disability insurance (TPD) can give you financial security when you can't work. This insurance pays a lump sum if you suffer total and permanent disability and can't earn an income.

Trauma Insurance

Critical Illness insurance can help remove many of your client's financial worries and concentrate on getting better if they became critically ill.

What if I recover, do I have to pay the money back? No, Trauma insurance is to help you get back to how you were.

If I have trauma and income protection is only one paid? No, both will be paid, you can still continue an income and receive a lump sum so any life changes can be catered for.

Not only might they lose their income through not being able to work, but they might also have to tap into their savings, sell their home or face major costs for medical treatment and rehabilitation. Not a pretty picture.

Accident Only Insurance

Accidental Death Insurance provides a lump sum payment if your client's death is due to an accident. There is also accidental income insurance and accidental TPD insurance available.

Many people are unable to achieve full insurance and accidental insurance offers an alternative to making sure they have a cover.

Key Person Insurance

Helps your client's business offset the loss of revenue associated with the loss of a key person who is responsible for driving the revenue of the business.

A drop in revenue is often inevitable when a key person is no longer there. This could be someone in your client's organisation who generates significant revenue for their business. Losses may also result:

Revenue protection can provide your business with enough money to compensate for the loss of revenue and associated replacement costs to replace a key employee or business owner should they die or become disabled.

Revenue protection can provide your business with enough money to compensate for the loss of revenue.

Buy Sell Insurance

Helps the smooth succession of the business from one owner to another and provides security for employees through the continuity of employment.

Ownership protection can provide the continuing owners, or their nominee, with sufficient cash for the transfer of the outgoing owner's equity to the continuing owners, if a business owner dies, is disabled or suffers a critical illness.

Expenses Protection Insurance

Business Expenses insurance ensures the continuity of your client's business, providing them with a business to return to following a period of illness, or a business to sell as a going concern.

If your client is self-employed or in a small partnership, it's even more important to keep the business going and therefore they need to not only ensure their income but, the fixed, regular expenses of the business, as well.

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