It's all the finance stuff and a personal touch.

You are not a service category to us, you are an individual protecting what matters most to you and your lifestyle. We get that.
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PWM Advice services

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Our services are broad to ensure each client’s experience is unique and tailored to the individual. No two Advice Packages are the same.

1. Connect
 You can connect with us via phone, email or social media. We will choose a flexible time that works best for you when you wish to have your first meeting with us.

2. Understand
When we meet you for the first time, we delve deep into your situation. Our first meetings normally take at least an hour or two, because we want to get to know you, not only financially but personally. This time is when we decide whether or not we can help you. If we review your situation and find that you don’t need financial help, we will be honest with you and we will not proceed with advice.

3. Create
If we feel as though you could benefit from our services, we begin creating a personalized plan straight away. We conduct research into your situation, this process will normally take 2 – 3 weeks. The implementation process is easy as we do it all. We complete applications, implement strategies, and guide you to complete the advice process. We then have another meeting to present your Statement of Advice. The adviser will go through the advice process with you to ensure you understand and are comfortable. You will then be provided with your own copy to take home to review. 

4. Succeed
You now have your personalised Advice package. Once you become a client with us, as a part of our client services, you can access our services at any time with no additional cost. By this point, we are hoping to be by your side until you reach your retirement phase. We like to catch up with our clients at least every 12-months to ensure you are on track and achieve your goals. Any changes to your situation, we are here to help.

The foundation of any client’s financial plan is the creation of a budget. We are then able to work directly with our clients and teach them the skills to take control of their personal financial situations.

Let's get that budget!

You are your greatest asset; you earn an income and your income provides you with the ability to afford the lifestyle you need. In many cases there is a reliance on more than one income to meet living and lifestyle expenses, so what would it look like to you if this was taken away? 

Are you ready for coverage?

Advice is not just about Super and Retirement, we feel you need to start with the foundations by having a budget that reflects where you are today and where you can be tomorrow. We wrap this into what you could lose and create an affordable insurance strategy that protects you now and can be adjusted as you change and grow. We make the process and therefore Financial Advice easy.

We have the advice your looking for!

Superannuation is an essential part of every working Australian’s life and compulsory Super means that nearly every working Australian receives regular contributions into a Super account. What if there was more you can get from your Super, what if it could offer you benefits before, as well as after you retire?

It's time to plan!

Helping you create goals and helping you achieve them is all part of the financial advice process and showing you how to invest your money as part of an investment strategy will open up opportunities that you may not have known existed.

Reach to invest?
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All the behind the scenes stuff.

Want to take the next steps?

Email: | Call: 02 6360 1232 | Address: 2/241 Lords Pl, Orange, NSW, 2800
PWM Advice ACAR #1274992 | ABN 25 632 502 526 | InterPrac Financial Planning Pty Ltd ABN 14 076 093 680 | AFSL #246638 | Address: Level 8, 525 Flinders St  Vic 3000

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