The specifics.
Budgeting & Cashflow

We will sit down with you and complete a detailed budget to show you how your money is being disbursed over each month. We will highlight with you, where you may be able to cut back on spending and look to advise on important areas you could redirect your discretionary spending to help you to achieve wealth.

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Did you know that you might hold some insurance cover through your current super fund?
Do you know how much income replacement that you are eligible for?

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What is Financial Advice?

Financial advice is not only about Super and Retirement, we feel you need to start with the foundations by having a budget that reflects where you are today and where you can be tomorrow. We want to help you to have financial freedom and create wealth for your future.

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Super & Investment

We will review your Super platform and the underlying investments to ensure you are in the best place to grow your Super.

Our goal is to grow with you and advise you through the stages of accumulation, transition to retirement and once you reach full retirement.

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Retirement Planning

The cost of retiree's living expenses is expected to increase by almost 10% over the next 2 years due to inflation, come and see the team at PWM Advice so we can make personalised strategies to help ensure that you can live comfortably through retirement.

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When you engage with PWM Advice, not only do we get to know your financial situation, but we also get to know you on a personal level. Your first meeting with us, is at no charge.

We have a diverse range of clients, which means we are also flexible with our booking times. We understand that life can be busy, and everything cannot fit in a 9-5 schedule, this is why we also do appointments after hours. All you have to do is ask for a time that suits you and your family! We offer meetings in person, via a phone call or Microsoft teams.


We will sit and evaluate your situation with what you have told us.

If we believe you are in the right position, then we will tell you this.

We will look at your short-term and long-term goals, and assess, how best to help you achieve these.

If we believe we can help strengthen your financial situation, we will move forward with creating personalised advice to suit you.


We make financial advice easy.

We don't want to overcomplicate the process and confuse you with the financial jargon.

Our goal is to educate you along the way and go along this journey with you. We want to grow with you and watch you achieve your goals through all the stages of life.


Now that you are a part of the PWM Advice family, we want to make the implementation process as seamless as can be.

We will advise you on the next steps and what to expect.


As an ongoing client at PWM Advice, here is what to expect.

  • Annual Reviews
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Insurance Reviews
  • Pension Reviews
  • One off client meeting - including phone calls and emails
  • Access to a financial adviser

Want to take the next steps?

And how would you like to engage?
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